It begins with resilience…

The world’s first team app blending tech, science, real-time data and powerful questions to help teams work better together in challenge, change and uncertainty – anytime, anywhere.

Better work together

It begins
with resilience…

These are tough times
and getting tougher!

The world of work is now fast-paced, digitized and interdependent.

Regardless of your job or industry, chances are you are trying to do more with less, please more demanding customers, solve complex issues and stay relevant in a shifting marketplace.

You have to do more
with less:

Managing the demands of customers and adapting to external pressures – all against a backdrop of dramatic change and increasing uncertainty.

What makes it even tougher: you are simultaneously wrangling the complexities of leadership, encouraging teamwork and integrating old and new relationships.

It’s all too easy for anyone to become fatigued, demoralised and, in worst-case scenarios, unwell.

So what’s the solution?
It begins with resilience.

RAW is a unique and powerful approach to teamwork. The app gives you the means to motivate your people to work together and makes it easier for them to do so.

Yes. Teamwork.

It has always been the most powerful way of addressing the challenges of the workplace.

And as these challenges have grown more intense and complex, the resilience of the team is ever more crucial in delivering successful outcomes.

Resilience at work has been tried and tested by 650 accredited consultants and 140 universities and used by over 4,000 organisations globally.

What a difference
data makes

The RAW-Team App starts by recognising that context matters.
What creates resilience relates to the challenges you face and how you manage them. It connects reflections, problem solving discussions and action planning.

What a difference
data makes

The app is designed around the RAW-Team assessment – a researched measure that outlines the 7 disciplines and 22 sub-components that truly create resilience on a team. The assessment helps you identify and monitor your strengths and areas for focus.

Using the tech you can quickly get to the heart of the conversations you need to have. Anonymous input ensures inclusivity and identifies and prioritises the key challenges faced. You link challenges to your team resilience results and access probing questions for meeting discussion and actions.

What a difference
data makes

Recording activity in the app promotes shared energy and mutual accountability. The result is more rapid clarity and alignment around the true source of emerging problems and what to do about them.

Result: The Team Works

The solution
An app for the teams

The RAW-Team solution works on two levels: there is an for team members and analytic dashboards for senior management.

The solution
An app for the teams

How it works

Through a powerful integration of team profile data and guided discussion, the RAW-Team App supports teams enabling them to identify, address and resolve their most pressing challenges.

The solution
An app for the teams

By granting participants anonymity, the RAW approach encourages people to be forthright about what they think and how they feel. This gathering of real data gives you valuable insights to support system wide decision-making.

Analytic dashboards
for management

The app provides a pulse check on resilience, wellbeing and engagement across the organization.

It also highlights the ‘why’ behind the data – providing a clear picture of the pressure points teams are grappling with and how they are resolving them.

With access to data from RAW teams around the world, you can get a global snapshotof the latest trends in your areas of concern.

Empower your people with knowledge and watch the levels of resilience, wellbeing and engagement rise.

“I love the evidence-based nature of RAW and the on-going exploration, research and growth of resources.

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